Office Solutions

Citibank Tower 
Citigroup Center (formerly 444 Flower Building) is a 1,005,480 SF  625 ft 48-story skyscraper at 444 S. Flower Street in the Bunker Hill area of downtown Los Angeles, CA
Advanced Automated performed a complete retrofit and upgrade of existing Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) 8500 EMS to JCI Metasys system
Project scope included system redesign, engineering, installation, integration and cutover to a full DDC and lighting control system
Watt Plaza
Watt Plaza is a 920,000 twin-tower office building located in Century City, CA
Project scope included:
  • Complete retrofit and DDC upgrade in (2) fully occupied 23 story Class “A” high rises
  • System redesign, engineering, installation, integration and cutover of full DDC control system
Gateway Plaza
Located within the core of Pasadena's business district. Gateway Plaza consists of a 13-story Class "A" office building.
Project scope included:
  • Complete BACnet DDC system installation to this LEED Gold Certified building
  • System design, engineering, installation, integration and cutover to a full BACnet DDC control system
Bank of America Tower
Advanced Automated Installed an Andover BACnet control system on a 1440 kW cogeneration plant. This control system employs a sophisticated control scheme for two 200-ton absorption chillers and two 1800-ton centrifugal chillers.
Due to the nature of a new central plant in downtown Los Angeles, custom plume abatement control was also integrated into the cooling tower/condenser water system.
Irvine Company Campus Office 
The Irvine Company Campus Offices buildings total over 18,000,000 sf. These buildings come with one to four floors in a campus-style setting.
Advanced Automated designed and installed an enterprise control system with over 300+ buildings on a single VLAN network.
This enterprise DDC control and card access system is the single largest in southern California. It includes full control of over 6000 individual pieces of equipment.
Further sophistication includes integrated fault detection with dynamic dashboarding.